Herbs, see below
* = New this year

Vegetable Plants for 2018

Broc/Bruss mix - 3 each Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts in one pack
Broccoli 'Packman' 80 days; 8" head; good for freezing
Brussel Sprout 'Jade Cross' 95 days
Cabbage 'Dynamo' & 'Ruby Per.' red and green cabbage in same pack
Cantaloupe 'Charentais' 85 days; very sweet, orange flesh; 2lbs (1920 France)
Chard 'Ruby Red' 60 days; green leaf with ruby red stalks & veins
Cucumber 'Bush Pickle' 45 days; 4" fruit; 2' x 3'
Cucumber 'Marketmore '76' 66 days; burpless 9" fruit
Cucumber 'Patio Snacker'* 50 days; 7" fruit; branching vines for large containers
Eggplant 'Ichiban' 55 days; 12" slender fruit; oriental type
Kale 'Blue Ridge' 55 days; dwarf blue crumpled leaf; 20"
Kale 'Cavolo Nero' 56 days ; very dark narrow leaves; Italian heirloom;
Kale 'Mix' mix of varieties
Kale 'Redbor' 60 days; curly purple leaf; cold hardy; 24"
Kale 'Seabor' 55 days; curly blue green leaf; cold hardy; 18"
Leek 'American Flag' 85 days; frost tolerant; non-bulbing
Lettuce 'Bibb' 60 days; 5" head with sweet flavor and soft texture
Lettuce 'Buttercrunch' 60 days; tender, compact heads
Lettuce Mixed varieties mix of varieties
Lettuce 'Nevada' 48 days; heat tolerant summer variety
Lettuce 'Red Sails' 57 days; frilly leaf with burgundy edges; slow to bolt
Lettuce 'Salad Bowl' 45 days; frilly green leaf; heat tolerant
Lettuce 'Vivian Romaine' 50 days; dark green Romaine type
Onions 'Copra' 107 days; medium size; long term storage
Pepper 'Bella Rouge' 66 days; red, thick walled bell; disease resistant
Pepper 'Bishop's Cap' 90 days; flat, scalloped shape; very hot (30,000 s.)
Pepper 'Carmen' 70 days; red Italian sheep's horn type
Pepper 'Cayenne Long Red' 73 days; hot; easily dried (4,000 scovill)
Pepper 'Garden Salsa' 73 days; hot chili type; high yields (3,000 scoville)
Pepper 'Golden Summer' 71 days; yellow bell
Pepper 'Jalapeno Early' 65 days; green / red thick wall; 1" x 2" (5,000 s.)
Pepper 'Orange Ramshorn' elongated, flavorful orange peppers
Pepper 'Super Chile' 75 days; hot (40,000 scovill)
Pepper Sweet Greek sweet pepper from Greece
Pepper 'Yellow Ramshorn' 64 days; elongated, flavorful yellow peppers
Pumpkin 'Howden' 110 days; vining habit; 22lbs
Pumpkin 'Small Sugar Pie' 100 days; pie pumpkin; 5-6lbs
Shallot 'Ambition' 90 days; red brown skin, good storage; 1.5"
Squash 'Acorn Table Queen' 80 days; bush type; dark orange; 5" x 4"
Squash 'Butternut' 85 days; semi - bush habit; 11" fruit
Squash 'Delicata Bush' 80 days; 7-9" oblong winter type; sweet!
Squash 'Early Straightneck' 55 days; yellow summer squash; bush type
Squash 'Spaghetti' 110 days; 8" - 10" oval fruit; vining habit; keeps well
Tomato 'Better Boy' 75 days; indeterminate; 8-10 oz meaty fruit
Tomato 'Defiant' 70 days; determinate; 7 oz fruit; blight resistant
Tomato 'Early Girl' 55 days; indeterminate; earliest of all; 6oz fruit
Tomato 'Jet Star' 72 days; indeterminate; 9oz fruit low acid
Tomato 'Juliet' 60 days; indeterminate; 1oz oval; disease resistant
Tomato 'Legend' 65 days; determ.; 6 oz seedless slicer; blight tolerant
Tomato 'Lemon Boy' 72 days; indeterminate; deep gold 7oz fruit; low acid
Tomato 'Mountain Magic' 66 days; red cherry; 2 oz fruit; indeterm.; blight resis.
Tomato 'Patio' 68 days; 2 ft plants; 4oz fruit - for containers; deter.
Tomato 'Plum Regal' 80 days; 4 oz red plum; determinate; blight resistant
Tomato 'Red Grape' 60 days; indeterminate clusters of grape sized fruit
Tomato 'Stellar' 70 days; determinate; 6oz fruit; disease resistant
Tomato 'Sun Gold' 57 days; tangerine cherry; 1" fruit; indeterminate
Tomato 'Sweet 100' 65 days; cherry; 1" fruit; indeterminate
Zucchini 'Romanesco' 52 days; flavorful, ribbed Italian zucchini
Zucchini 'Space Miser' 54 days; high yielding zucchini on compact plants


* = New this year

Herb Plants for 2018

Basil 'Genovese' large, aromatic green leaf
Basil 'Red Rubin' wide purple leaves; 24"
Basil 'Spicy Globe' small leaved green basil; 12"
Basil 'Sweet Basil' common basil; 20"-30"
Basil 'Thai Sweet Basil'* oriental basil; spice clove-anise flavor14"
Bay Laurel (Bay Leaf) tropical woody plant with stiff aromatic leaves
Chives schoenoprasum perennial herb with lavender umbels; 12"
Cymbopogon flex. (Lemon Grass) long, thick grass with lemon flavor
Dill 'Fernleaf Dwarf' 18" finely cut leaves
Lavender angustifolia 'Munstead' moderately hardy lavender; 18"
Lavender angustifolia 'Platinum Blonde'* ANNUAL; variegated leaves; 16"
Lavender stoechas 'Bandera Purple'* ANNUAL; dense, compact Spanish lavender; 8"
Lavender stoechas 'Spanish Eyes'* ANNUAL; blue winged spikes and ferny leaves 16"
Lavender xintermedia 'Phenomenal' moderately hardy pollinator magnate; 24"
Lippia citriodora (Lemon Verbena) upright, grassy habit; lemon scented leaves
Mentha spicata 'Spearmint' vigorous mint - especially in damp soils
Oregano 'Greek' pungent spreading herb
Parsley 'Italian' flat leaved parsley; strong flavor
Parsley 'Moss Curled' densely curled leaf for cooking or garnish
Rosemary 'Gorizia' large, flat leaves; rigidly upright
Rosemary officinalis hardiest variety; but not in zone 4
Rosemary 'Prostratus' pale flower; trailing form; strong flavor
Sage offic. 'Berggarten' grey green leaf; 10" - 12"
Sage officinalis 'Purple' smokey purple leaf; 10" - 12"
Sage officinalis 'Tricolor' tricolored variegation; 10" - 12"
Tarragon 'French' strong licorice flavor
Thyme 'English Compact' tiny fragrant dark green leaves; 6"
Thyme 'Lemon Variegated' gold edged leaves; lemon scent; 12" upright
Thyme 'Pink Chintz' pink flowering prostrate form
Thyme 'Red Creeping' prostrate deep pink
Thyme 'Silver King' silver edged tiny leaves; 12"; lemony; 12" upright
Thyme 'Snowdrift' white flowering; very tightly prostrate
Thyme 'Woolly' small glabrous leaves; prostrate